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A valid photo ID plus your membership card is required for entry. For first time members, this must be a "Valid" current state or government issued photo ID.  We accept all government issued ID's from the US, Canada and Mexico, and all foreign/domestic issued passports, and US issued Military ID.  All ID's must show M or Male on the gender.


Sorry, no in and out privileges.


ALCOHOL and ILLEGAL DRUGS are NOT permitted inside the club including Marijuana (Marijuana may only be smoked outside on the sun deck, never inside the club. You will be denied entry if your intoxication levels are unsafe for the club.  If you drink or smoke before arriving, make sure you can control yourself, we do not offer babysitting. No weapons of any kind are allowed period.

While we offer condoms throughout the club all the time, BAREBACKING is 100% the choice of each person. If you choose to have sex without a condom, please make sure that all parties agree, please wrap it up if you question anything. If you chose to have unprotected sex it must be mutual and consensual. If you force raw sex on anyone that does not approve you will be asked to leave.  Lets not have that happen.

No glass containers at Steam because we have concrete floors and people are barefoot.

No physical interactions in the hot tub!  Lets keep it clean and sanitary for everyone.


Street clothes are not permitted in the play areas. You are more than welcome to run around nude or in your towel. Flip-flops are also available for footwear at no cost.

Nudity and fetish wear are encouraged.


Cum on me, not in me! Taking cum in your mouth or swallowing it puts you at risk for infection. PrEP protects the transmission of HIV but does not protect from any other communicable diseases. 


Safe sex supplies are provided in all play areas. No oil-based or silicon lubricants nor Crisco are allowed.  We have a variety of lubes available at check-in, and we are one of the lowest priced retailers in town.


Feel free to let someone know you are hot for him. If he isn't hot for you, move on. When someone comes on to you and you aren't interested, be firm but courteous. You just got a compliment.


Cell Phones: When using your mobile phone in the Club, courtesy is essential. People are here to relax and don’t want to overhear loud conversation. Use of the camera feature is strictly prohibited. If you use the camera, you will be asked to delete any images. Should you not comply, you will be asked to leave for the protection of other members.


Marijuana (Cannabis) is be legal in Oregon for home consumption, it is still not legal in public places, businesses or parks.  Therefor, it still falls under our "No Drugs or Alcohol" policy inside the club.  Please smoke any Marijuana outside before entering or on the roof top deck in the designated smoking only.  Please be considerate of others around you. 


Our staff is friendly, helpful and here to make you comfortable. Please feel free to ask for their assistance. We ask you to respect their work, hands off!

Should you ever have a bad experience with any of our staff, please contact the manager David Pettit:

Your satisfaction and quality experience is our highest priority, next to cleanliness!




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